HIWWPOH Vacation Travelog Part 1

HIWWPOH = Home Is Where We Park Our House

We arrived back in Yuba City Tuesday. It was two months, almost to the day, that we headed south from Yuba City to find someplace a bit warmer than the winter chill in Sutter and Yuba counties this year. Macs loves when we three …Steven, Macs and me …‘load up’ and go somewhere in the truck. I don’t think he noticed, or realized that we were towing our house behind us.

To Steve and I, taking the house along meant vacation. We had been in one spot too long. Also, it had been a cold winter so far and was just the end of January with two more months of winter still to be endured. We reasoned it out thinking propane to heat our mobile house and the price of fuel for the truck we tow it with would cost us about the same …so why not head south and see if we could find some warmer weather and not need to buy propane. We could buy fuel for the pickup instead.

Of course Macs was probably unable to reason that out in his furry black and tan head but he was just totally happy to being with us, sitting in my lap and observing the road ahead.

Our destination was Arizona but we don’t usually travel more than four or five hours per day so it would take us two overnights before we got to the first place we planned to spend a week or two.

Traveling on Interstate 5 is pretty bumpy these days but Macs didn’t seem to mind. From his perch in my lap he could lean forward and sniff the air coming in the vent. Sniffing stuff his one of his very most favorite things to do on rides in the truck. When he (apparently) smells livestock he sits up and looks out the window to see where the cows are. I wonder if thinks they are just huge dogs.

The first night we stopped at the Santa Nella RV Park. The town of Santa Nella is a conglomerate of fuel stations and fast food stores and the RV Park has a large dog walk area so it is a good place to stop. It also has easy-on/easy-off ramps connecting to I-5.

We got settled in and Steve unhitched the truck to go fuel up for the next days travel segment.

I used to work for Morning Star so we decided to go over to their processing plant facility to see if they still did tomatoes and peaches. The gate guard was fairly new to the company so he didn’t have answers to all our questions but he was friendly.

We headed back to the RV park, getting fuel and supper on the way.

Macs is a good travel dog and doesn’t seem to mind anything we do as long as he can see where we both are. He definitely has separation anxiety, but that’s not a bad thing for traveling folks like us. He never gets too far out of sight in unfamiliar places.

The next morning we hitched up and headed out for Mojave. Highway 58 goes over the Tehachapi Mountains and down into the Mojave Desert. The town of Mojave was a busier place before the junction of 58 and 14 was redone in a more northerly location. It’s easier to zip right through to Boron, but we like the bare-bones Spaceport RV park in Mojave because it has large open spaces and reasonable prices.

Space Port RV Park Mojave CA

Space Port RV Park Mojave CA

The next day was a long ride. We took 58 east and traded 58 for Interstate 40 at Barstow. This was real desert, headed east on 40…creosote shrubs, tumbleweeds, hills and valleys, one after another dry, brown desert. We usually plan to stop at Ludlow for a break. I walked the dog, Steve got us cold drinks. That’s all that was available that day …they had a power failure and could not produce hamburger sandwiches.

Macs got a bit of exercise there …he chased a raven that seemed to be teasing him.

On the road again with Needles as the next destination. We planned to check into Spirit Mountain RV Park in Fort Mahave. It’s one of the first places we ever stayed when traveling with our fifthwheel, years ago. They have large spaces and pets are okay.

The weather was a bit warmer by day but still cold at night. We stayed a week and it was getting warmer by the end of that week so we signed up for another week.

But wait… there’s more. If you want to continue with our vacation travel join me in two weeks right here.

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